We’re plaster snobs. We apply and make some of the best wall finishes in the world for discerning, higher end projects.  And if you live in southern California, lucky for you…we provide application services in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Beverly Hills (yes, it’s LA, but it sounds better) Orange County, Palm Desert, Indian Wells…you get the idea. We also manufacture lime and marble based plasters and stuccos and we ship it all over the world.

Vasari’s founder, Alexander Conrad, is an experienced plaster maker and contractor who studied the plaster trade in Europe and built a successful plaster business in the U.S. After 11 years of research and development, working with old bearded Italian guys and chemists, he created a complete line of the highest quality lime and marble based plasters available on the market.

We literally have thousands of projects across the US and many in California. We even have projects in Dubai, Hong Kong, Macau, South Asia, Africa, Kuwait, Bahrain and more international locations.  We’re featured in hotels, luxury homes, celebrity stuff and many humble, yet beautiful homes.

Where we get our material…


We have our own actual factory – actually two of them. Check it out … www.vasariplaster.com


where and why to apply:

Plaster should be applied everywhere. Unless you have fancier options, it should replace paint. Plaster will give you some variation of color and mottling – it could be very slight or a lot, depending on what you want, or what the space needs. That’s just the nature of it. If you don’t like organic variation, you might not like it. Plaster has been applied for thousands of years all over the world. They didn’t use latex or acrylic paint in the Renaissance, Ancient Egypt or 12th century Arabian Peninsula. You’ll never guess what the walls of the Sistine Chapel are covered with.

Again, plaster should replace paint. But if you must, you can banish it to the powder rooms and accents.  With regards to style, we believe less is more. Refined is better and lasts forever. If it gets outdated, it’s not worth it.

If you, like us, have a taste for finer and cleaner living, then plaster is for you. If you like agonizing over the stitching of your Italian shoes, are willing to spend a little extra for the better bottle of wine, can taste the difference with organic, then you’ve come to the right place.

Plaster can be applied in modern and traditional settings – it’s extremely versatile. The pics speak for themselves, we hope.


wall finish options:

We prefer using lime plasters. Anything else is simply lower end. These are sometimes referred to as ‘Venetian Plaster’ in the design world. Virtually any type of finish is possible with lime plasters – anything from contemporary smooth, to old world texture. From polished, to matte… truly anything. This is the hardcore authentic stuff, and we prefer using nothing else.  Read about the history of plaster if you really want to get into it.

Veneziano  creates the smoothest finish of any plaster product. It can be left flat or it can be burnished to a highly reflective marble-like polished sheen, even without sealers or wax.

Marmorino has a little more texture than Veneziano. It incorporates larger grained particles of sand that give it a more varied texture. Although you can get a textured look with Veneziano,  Marmorino will give you a bit more.

Stucco is for interior and exterior applications. It has an even coarser texture than Marmorino.  It’s ideal when, a thicker more ‘real’ feel is desired.

Lime Wash is a product we offer that is essentially a watered down plaster that can have color integrated and be used as a wash over Marmorino or Stucco. It’s a very authentic ‘provincial’ type of finish.

Check out some of these galleries.

All materials can be modified for exterior use if desired.


lime plaster product advantages:


  • Any color, texture or sheen – it’s simply the most beautiful and authentic wall finish available anywhere.
  • Lasts longer and is more durable than paint
  • Zero VOC, 8 point LEED certified, non-toxic, no off-gassing
  • Natural fungicide, mold resistant, hypo-allergenic
  • Naturally filters air, absorbing carbon dioxide and odors
  • Absorbs excess humidity, calcifies and hardens over time
  • High luminosity, requiring lower levels of light and is UV resistant
  • Durable, easy to fix and easy to clean


We can also offer cement or gypsum based plasters, but like we said, we’re plaster snobs.



prices (including labor and materials):


Prices are based on square footage of walls for interiors and square yardage of exterior wall space.


There are many options on finishes when it comes to plaster, so the process vary quite a bit. Volume will obviously make a huge difference.  In general, prices range from $5-$10 per square foot.


-To give you a rough comparative cost with other lower end materials:

-Paint:  $1.50-2.50 per square foot

-Wallpaper: $4-15

-Gypsum products: (like Diamond and Unikal) $3-4

-Synthetic materials from big brand stores and paint shops: $3-8

-fake stone – $15-20

-real stone -$20-40

-tile – $10-25


Any questions?  Comments?  Need an estimate? Send them over…








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